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Worldwide Institute of Medical Education (WIME) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization committed to providing medical and health professional education and research worldwide. WIME focuses on promoting scientific healthcare education training and investigational research that aims at improving the quality of healthcare.


Our Objectives

Provide continuous professional development education for healthcare professionals in every field, in an effort to promote evidence based medical practice.


Nurture, support, and adapt innovative ideas, new inventions, and researches that will create improvement in healthcare services. Furthermore, one of WIME’s key goals is conducting high quality investigational research that aims to fill a gap in knowledge. In addition, research development involves training young investigators on how to conduct quality research that will have an impact on improving healthcare,


Provide scholarships to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals especially those who work in philanthropic health care organization around the world. Those scholarships are directed toward training and educational purposes.


Assist health science students in obtaining training and observer-ship rotations, appropriate to their field of study, in reputable hospitals and healthcare institutions.


Produce healthcare educational materials including but not limited to: audiovisual materials, publications, and educational software.


Establish and support healthcare centers, hospitals, mobile clinics, nursing homes, hospices, research centers, and laboratories especially those who have philanthropic affiliation..


Train health professionals in providing holistic health care including physical psychosocial and spiritual aspects of health, emphasizing on novel approaches to health care that gives hope to the sick and their families.


Educate health professionals about different aspects of health care management and administration.

Our Purpose

WIME's purpose is to provide medical and health professional education worldwide as well as support research in a mission to disseminate sound scientific and evidence-based medical knowledge among healthcare professionals around the globe through highlighting novel diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive approaches in health care. 

Our Standards

WIME approaches health as per the definition of the World Health Organization, as a “disease-free state of the body, soul and mind”, placing special emphasis on improving spiritual, psychological (mental), and physical health of patients.

WIME is committed to improving healthcare at all levels through enhancing the ethical standards of the medical profession and its high calling. It focuses on educating and implementing high ethical values, accountabilities, and honesty in all of its projects and activities.

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