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Our Goals

The goals of the organization are charitable, humanitarian, medical, scientific, health-related, training and educational.

In order to achieve its goals, the organization performs the following functions:

Offering and improving medical care to needy patients, assisting the medical and hospital core at all levels, particularly introducing advanced medical and scientific expertise, strengthening the ethical standards of the medical profession and its high calling.

Improving medical opportunities and conditions, as well as that of health, livelihood, economic and education in third world countries.

Offering the guidance, support, assistance and development of activities of all sorts, that lead to helping people and groups in areas that suffer from poverty, diseases, natural disasters, wars and other calamities, with emphasis on medical and health conditions.

Embarking upon, facilitating and developing medical, health, social and various economic projects which promote, on a full scale basis, the development of health, medical, hospital and economic sectors to coincide with the international medical, health and economic development, such as, but not limited to:


  • Developing the capabilities of physicians, nurses and medical staff, assisting and developing clinics, hospitals, and all medical and related centers, by offering medical, financial, material, technical, and work expertise and training assistance, as well as assisting personnel in the scientific field equipping them with technical skills, to enable them to obtain better work opportunities;

  • Assisting personnel and charitable small businesses to arrive at resources like seed money for starting, developing and maintaining projects through grants or easy credit;

  • Teaching and following up with charitable organizations in managing and developing their organizational skills through strategic planning and leadership for the organization and work ethics;

  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and advice with personnel and NGO and non official local work projects on strategic planning for work, management, development, and leadership in various fields, particularly the non-profit health field.

Educating and implementing high ethical values, personal responsibilities, nobility, respect and zeal in all projects and activities, and especially in the medical, social and humanitarian fields. Encouraging friendships, personal relations and positive character of all sorts


Accomplishing these goals through programs, conferences, symposia, workshops, training, lectures and various activities, such as, but not limited to:

  • Establishing and supporting health and medical centers/clinics, hospitals and particularly charitable projects for the preservation of health, and mobile clinics to reach and offer medical care and awareness for protection and avoidance of diseases, and for preventive medicine. Also establishing and supporting professional technical and computer training centers, as well as research centers, medical, scientific, and research laboratories, language teaching centers, establishing orphanages, hospitals, clinics, counseling centers, hospices and geriatric centers;

  • Organizing conferences and seminars that serve the purpose of the organization;

  • Producing videos, TV programs, manuals, books, cultural and other educational materials on various subjects, particularly those pertaining to the health field;

  • Supporting new ideas and research development by encouraging, nurturing and adopting medical and scientific inventions/innovations and also investigational research that aims to fill a gap in knowledge. In addition research development involves training young investigators on how to conduct quality research that will have an impact on improving healthcare;

  • Providing and promoting moral and spiritual support of patients and health care providers through programs of encouragement, with emphasis on faith, hope and love, particularly in the setting of disease and death;

  • Providing counseling to patients and health care providers, in order to alleviate the stress of disease and disease management respectively

  • Establishing and promoting team building among health care providers and volunteers, with emphasis on caring-leadership and integrity, in providing care. Furthermore this organization puts emphasis on training health care workers and volunteers on novel approaches of bedside-care that will give hope to the sick and to those suffering from any disease;

  • Approaching health as per the definition of the World Health Organization, as a “disease-free state of the body, soul and mind”, and placing special emphasis on improving spiritual, psychological (mental), and physical health of patients;

  • Promoting innovative programs that will improve the quality of care, in terms of early diagnosis, prevention, immune enhancement and treatment of endemic and serious diseases. This includes but is not limited to the promotion of innovative research programs;

  • Seeking grants from funding agencies in order to achieve the goals outlined above;

  • Providing scholarships, training and educational grants, for individuals working in the areas outlined above, particularly those working or volunteering in charitable facilities/organizations.

Supporting other projects, organizations, activities, and charitable initiatives which work towards similar goals as those of the organization, including, but not limited to:


  • Establishing new organizations, and investing in those with goals that are aligned to the organization;

  • Publishing.

In pursuit of advancing the field of medicine and disseminating new knowledge, WIME pursues investigational research, grants, and novel discoveries pertaining to various fields of medicine.


In principle, performing all duties to serve the goals and vision of the organization within the country’s laws.

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