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Education Materials

We are committed to provide the latest updates in Medicine at no or very low cost for Health Care Professionals Worldwide.


Continuing Medical Education Live Lectures

WIME conducts several high quality medical symposia on advances in medicine, in North America and overseas every year. Renowned and prominent speakers participate in our CME-conducted programs, disseminating knowledge among healthcare professionals, in a mission to improve medical treatment and diagnostic methods worldwide. Our medical activities address various topics, such as infectious diseases, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, family medicine, neurology and others.

Medical Student Scholarships
Rotation and  Observer-ship

In an effort to further promote medical education further, WIME provides financial assistance and scholarships to students who are living in third world countries and are unable to afford their education. This scholarship is granted on the basis that these students and healthcare workers would engage in humanitarian endeavors, following the completion of their studies. The goal of this scholarship is to encourage medical students to practice and serve the needy people.

Similarly, WIME provides scholarships to students who are interested to serve in charitable medical institutions and clinics, to pursue their nursing education and studies.

WIME coordinates and arranges for healthcare workers who are practicing in charitable medical establishments in third world countries, to come to the States and do a one-month rotation or observer-ship in some of the most renowned medical institutions in the country. This special training allows health care workers to further develop their knowledge, upgrade their profession skills and gain the necessary experience in their area of expertise, which in return leads to improved patient care in the countries where they are practicing.

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